How Does TubeMP3 Work?

Our converter will go to the video link and instantly extract the audio file provided by Youtube. Once you click on download, it will automagically convert it to MP3 as you download. We don't store anything on our servers because the encoding and download happen simultaneously.

Is It Legal to Use TubeMP3?

It's against Youtube's Terms of Service to download videos and audio files you aren't authorized to. You should only use our tool to convert videos you have permission to, such as your own videos or ones with a free license.

Is There a Usage Limit?

Yes, we only allow videos with a maximum duration of 20 minutes.

Does MP3 Provide the Best Quality from Youtube?

No, it's better to download the MP4 audio from Youtube, which you can do with our Youtube to MP4 Converter. It will grab the best MP4 audio file that was only converted once from the original source (from the uploader). The more you convert, the more quality you lose.

Why Did Youtube Convert to MP4?

Many service providers convert audio to a lossy format to reduce the file size but keep most of the audio quality. This way, users can buffer videos quicker, use less bandwidth, and still enjoy most of the original quality without much loss. The average user won't be able to tell the difference in quality, and the provider gets to save some disk space and bandwidth too.

Why Shouldn't I Convert to MP3?

The main reason you wouldn't want to convert to MP3 is because Youtube already re-encoded the original audio from the uploader to about 128kbps with a lossy format, when the source can be as high as 1411kbps (CD quality). Conversion to lossy formats means loss in audio quality.

How Does TubeMP3 Have the Best MP3?

While converting to another lossy format like MP3 will make it slightly worse, we minimize the loss by encoding to a higher bitrate of 192kbps.

Why Would I Want to Convert to MP3?

It's a good idea to convert to MP3 if you want to use legacy devices that only support it, like MP3 players or CD players. Otherwise, stick with the original audio.